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Instead of using remote controls as suggested in another answer you could also add some sort of delay mechanism to turn off the lights. This could be in the form of timer delay switches which can be tuned to shut of the light after a given amount of time enough for you to get into bed. These switch could either be built into the switch by electricians or you could use the kitchen safety variants and put a lamp instead of your kitchen appliance into it. Turn off the house lights before bed.

A bed time flow could turn off all the lights in your living room and turn on the bedroom lights. Activate theater style lighting for movie time. You could use a flow to turn off the overhead living room lights and turn on your tvs bias lighting to get ready to watch a movie. Shell know which lights you mean without you having to say turn the bedroom lights on.

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Heres how to set it up. Start off by opening up the alexa app on your phone and tapping on the menu button in the top left corner of the screen. Select smart home from the side menu. Tap on the groups tab at the top.

The act of clapping turned things on and off when he wanted them to be onoff. But so did any other loud noises like a loud stereo the vacuum running in another area of the house or laughter or sneezing. A good coughing fit could turn his bedroom into a disco. Something to keep in mind if you seek solid rest.

While the lights might be off a good deal of the time when youre in bed the bedroom lighting you choose can truly make or break your space. Choosing the right lighting for your boudoir can be a bit tricky though especially if you use that space for reading watching tv finishing up work as well as sleep like so many people do. Using cortana to turn the light on and off in windows 10. It all started yesterday whenever i asked alexa to turn off the lights it would reply a few things share that name i headed to this subreddit and realized i wasnt the only one so i just waited thinking amazon has screwed things up tried again today and it was still not working so i tried everything i could think of removing the skill resetting my echo renaming my lights creating new.

If a light switch wont turn off it could be because its miswired or just a bad switch. You can test the switch with a voltage tester to determine which is the problem. If the switch is bad you should replace it because you cant fix it. If the switch is miswired its easy to rewire.